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The Flex-aor invasion fleets have been stopped, but at great cost. Human colonies lie in ruins, fleets have been decimated and the economies of the major space powers have been stretched to snapping point. Yet one nation stands unaffected. Hidden in the back of their borders, the Russian Space Federation is stronger than ever. Still enraged by the harsh peace terms forced upon them more than thirty years ago, the Federation sees its chance for revenge. Led by an Admiral with the tactical capabilities to rival any from the Allied space powers, the Russians have only one goal in mind; humanity’s homeworld will be theirs.

With the swiftness of the Russian attack, James, Suzanna, Lightfoot and plenty of others find themselves isolated and bring to an end from one another. Worse, they’re surrounded by allies that may no longer be trustworthy. Forced to fight with no matter what forces they may be able to muster, victory seems all but inconceivable.

Once again, the stakes are as high as they may be able to get, for defeat would see the homeworld they sacrificed such a lot to offer protection to falling under a new Russian tyranny. And if Earth falls, so too will the British Star Kingdom.

Also includes free novella Stand into Danger. The prequel novella to the Empire Rising series that tells the story of the first Russian-Allied war.

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