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‘Some cookbooks take you on a journey that is as poetic as it is geographical and culinary, and Salt & Time is just the sort of one…enthusiastic, Ceaselessly playful, and full of encouragement to cook dishes that are invitingly unfamiliar.’ – Nigella Lawson

‘If anyone had to write a Russian cookbook now, it would should be her, and her book will end up being a classic’ – Olia Hercules, writer of Mamushka and Kaukasis

‘One flick through this book…shows the region’s cuisine take form in dazzling vibrancy’ – Foodism

Salt & Time will grow to be perceptions of the food of the former Soviet Union, and especially Siberia – the crossroads of Eastern European and Central Asian cuisine – with 100 inviting recipes adapted for modern tastes and Western kitchens, and evocative storytelling to give an explanation for and entice. Why not try the restorative Solyanka fish soup (a famous Russian hangover cure), savour the fragrant Chicken with prunes or treat yourself to a few Napoleon cake.

‘Ceaselessly we need distance and time, both to see things better and to feel closer to them. This is certainly true of the food of my home country, Russia – or Siberia, to be exact. When I think of Siberia, I hear the sound of fresh snow crunching beneath my feet. Today, whenever I crush sea salt flakes between my fingers as I cook, I think of that sound. In this book I feature recipes that are authentic to Siberia, classic Russian flavour combinations and my modern interpretations. You’ll find dishes from the pre-revolutionary era and the Soviet days, in addition to recent approaches – revealing a cuisine that is vibrant, nourishing, exciting and above all relevant no matter the time or the place.’ – Alissa Timoshkina

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